Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!

Wow, its been ages since I checked in. The summer has been crazy and I have fallen short of my dedication to my weight loss pals. I am trying to catch up with blogs and I must say everyone looks great. Becky you are one hot Mama!!! Colette you are looking good and congrats on the weight loss great job!! Have fun on your vacation it sounds wonderful. Steph you are one beautiful Mommy and I am so excited for you. It was really great to catch up on everyones blogs and I will try and do better with keeping in touch. All is going well with me and I am keeping active so the weight is staying off. I would still like to lose more and continue to work on that. Take care my friends and have a great summer!!


Amanda said...

Good to hear you are doing good! Enjoy your summer!!!

Kate said...

Good to hear things are going well for you :) I know when I'm more active I blog less, it's a lot better NOT to be sitting in front of the computer I guess ;)

Colette said...

WOOOOHOOOO It's Jan!! I am so glad your back to say hello!! You have been on my mind alot lately girly!! I am glad to hear your doing ok and keeping the weight off!!
Thanks for the really sweet comment on your blog. I started Core 4 weeks ago and have lost 9.2 pounds so far....I LOVE CORE!!
We leave Saturday so I will post my WI that morning!! {{{HUGS}}} I have missed you my friend!!

Scale Junkie said...

Good to see you as always. Glad to hear life is treating you kindly!